Leader academic and educative management platform

mySchool is an academic management platform, designed to meet the Colombian scholar system requirements, with the highest quality standards.   Your institution will have a versatile and cutting edge solution.

Each user has INDEPENDENT security

levels and their OWN PROFILE


They can monitor in real time their children grades and activities, constantly following their school development.  They can directly receive in their e-mail all their children information, as grade reports, appointments, meetings, after school activities and so on.


In their personalized calendar, students can consult their activities; visualize their contents, books and documents shared with teachers and classmates.   They can be part of research groups and forums, and have all their information online.


Through their section, they can access, update and manage all the information required in the Studies Plan, as academic calendars, activities programs, grades, classes, sessions and other fundamental work methodologies to the institution.


In their personal space they can manage their activities, register their students grades, develop their classes contents, create new tasks in their calendar and manage the parent’s visit schedule.


  • Internationalization
  • Privacy and security
  • Independent user profile
  • Tech support
  • Friendly interface
  • Customizable to every institution’s needs
  • Generate reports, alerts and grades
  • Video tutorials
  • Unlimited teachers, students or institutions
  • 24/7 web availability

mySchool makes everything simpler.


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