Makes everything SAFE, EASY and FAST for Health Institutions, Doctors and Patients.

Clapp allows you as a doctor to have secure access to the platform from any device with Internet connection.

Clapp is an ERP software for health institutions, Medical Labs and Private Practices on the cloud, specifically developed to meet all current needs and requirements made by the Health Ministry of Colombia.

We offer you a platform:


Adapts to your Practice, Laboratory or Health Institution, according to its size.


You can gain access to your information in a safe way to follow up on your patients or verify what’s happening on your Practice if you are gone.


You can quickly register and process your information, send results, treatments or diagnosis to your patient’s e-mails, helping to save lives.


We offer dates appointments, health institutions and client’s registration, billing, RIPS reports and statistics to your needs.


Without added costs, our platform is constantly under maintenance and upgrading, so we guarantee you will always have the latest version.

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